Thursday, 25 February 2010


Enikkorachchanund, though we are not biologically bound. Ennu vechchal enne 'moneee' ennu vilikkunna oraal. Ayaale njan achcha ennum vilikkunu. Achchanaarennu pinne parayam. Achchante kayyil chila kuruthakkedukalund. Athinal ee makan kurachangupadeshikkamennu vechu. Thazhe kazhinja divasam kodutha upadesha prasangam:

Bisaayam: Pukavali (Achchante aathma suhrthaanu pukakkuzhal. Koode kazhikkunna 'kashaayam' nirthi ennu parayunnu. Padachavanariyam)


You have to say 'GET LOST' to that smoky friend of yours, else he will make you fried soon.

Just imagine, how ridiculous a feeling it would have been for God to watch his clay-creature He name human, meticulously observing things and finally 'invent' a pipe kind of thing and put some 'chammala' (We valluvanadans calls dried leaves so) into the farthest tip of it and ignite to vigorously suck the smoke passing out, from the other end. If I were that God, I would have kicked his ass then and there only and that bag of flesh would have flown to outer space like an 'ulka-yagnik'. ammmaaaaaa.........

Now that was just thamasha. But the truth is, vaayu is praan; praan is jeevan, jeevante nidanam, udbhavam; that jeevan itself, ananthamaya jeevan; ath deivam aanu. And, when inhaling God itself into us, how we humans can do such a funny thing?! We are so apathetic or antipathic to nature.

Think, if you are forcibly kept in one room without ventilation and someone puts thick clouds of smoke of your favourite brand of cigar/cigarette/beedi into it? You are dead dad, within minutes. Don't forget, you are breathing in nothing but the eternal Brahma, so don't be so negligent and arrogant about HIM, for HE can be arrogant with you too, sometime.

Say thanks to God for this moments and just inhale lungful of fresh air like Ramdev Baba showed you a million times.......

That's all for now dad


Note(note for my achchan): Ente achchan oru great musician aanu. He lives in Delhi


  1. Hi Kakkans,
    Assalamu Alaikum!
    The Somali pirates have a great network going. The ransom money finds its way to Investors (Somali's), who trade in hot property in Dubai. I guess that by now they must have multiplied their "catch" from the seas many times over and left the "sinking ship of Real Estate business" for more lucrative shores!
    Thank God ,you are well protected or we might have to send in our Trace team to get you out.

    Good luck and hope to hear more from you.

  2. Wonder if I have to write about my father too thus.